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Locally owned and operated, ADA employs over 250 professional employees that
work in one of our four businesses. Founded in 1996, James G. Murphy had a
vision to deliver quality, hard working, local employees to the construction
industry. Since then the business has grown to include security, sales, and
investigation. To this day we take pride in our work, follow professional
standards, and are fully licensed, certified, and insured. Safety is always our
number one goal!

ADA Traffic Control offers traffic control flaggers for construction sites in Vermont, New
Hampshire, Maine, and New York. ADA is the largest traffic control agency in New
England offering competitive rates and wages. Our crew members are certified, trained,
and professional local people . Please visit our traffic control tab to learn more.

ADA Security offers professional security officers for any occasion. These officers are
trained, certified, professional security officers that will watch over your interests.
Please click on the Security tab for more information.

ADA Sales and Rental offers traffic control devices and related safety equipment for sale
or rent. Please visit our Sales tab for more information.  

ADA Bureau of Investigations offers professional investigation services to all counties
of Vermont, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. We employ several licensed private
investigators. If you feel you are in need of an investigator, please check our
Investigation tab and you will be lead to the information you need.

We have offices located in Bridgewater, Newport, and Colchester, VT. Please call us toll
free at 888-800-4232 if we can help in anyway.

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